Top 100 Soul Songs


Welcome to the land of the best soul songs ever! These are truly the greatest of all time and encompass all sorts of soul sounds from sweet soul music, southern soul to everything in between!

This is a list of the top 100 soul songs ranked on many factors. The vast majority were soul music hits that fared well on the Billboard Hot Black Singles/ Hot Soul Singles Chart as well as often being hits on the Billboard Hot 100.

Sound Familiar?

Other songs are chosen for their influence or enduring popularity through the decades. If you are a big soul fan you will probably recognize many, perhaps all of them. Even if you are new to soul, you will surely have heard many of them on the radio or on television.

These are the best soul songs that have been released over the years. Of course in a list of 100 many very good songs missed out, but I'm sure you'll find much listening pleasure from those that have made the list.

Is Your Favorite On Here?

So where will your favorite songs rank? Perhaps you are a fan of Sam Cooke or Aretha Franklin and wonder where or how many times they will feature. The big names in soul are all here, but where do they rank?

Once you countdown to the top 10 there are videos next to the songs so you can enjoy the best soul has to offer. So get comfortable, start the list and start reminiscing about all those great soul songs you forgot about...

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